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CLIFTON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC is here to provide you with the very best medical malpractice insurance available, specifically geared towards Physicians & Surgeons, including OB-GYN, Cardiothoracic & Neurosurgeons. We understand that the healthcare industry is suffering and that physicians nationwide need to cut costs where they can. Our mission is to provide you with a variety of A rated quotes from ALL major insurance companies.

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Physician’s medical malpractice insurance or Doctor’s medical malpractice insurance is an extremely competitive business. The market is particularly saturated online for all forms of physician’s medical malpractice insurance in general.

In the world of physician’s medical malpractice insurance there are a wide variety of alternatives for medical malpractice insurance. We at Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc can provide all of those alternatives to you. Whether you are seeking claims made physician’s malpractice insurance or occurrence based doctor’s malpractice insurance we are here to help you.

▪ Physician’s malpractice insurance provided in all states

▪ Doctor’s medical malpractice insurance offered on a claims made or occurrence basis

▪ Physician’s malpractice insurance limits of liability range from 100k/300k to 1/3mil

As a Physician, Surgeon or Osteopathy provider you have come to the right place for your physician’s malpractice insurance. One of the main factors in determining the price of your physician’s malpractice insurance is the type of policy that you choose to purchase. Physician’s malpractice insurance is getting more expensive by the day and under the new healthcare system, policies for doctor’s malpractice insurance are expected to rise even higher.

In order to combat the price increases for physician’s malpractice insurance we at Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc have established a plan to offer you A++ rated insurance carrier quotes in Admitted and Non Admitted markets. We are also able to offer you quality rated physician’s malpractice insurance via Risk Retention Groups or RRG’s.

If you are a doctor in a relatively low risk practice such as ear nose and throat you may not want to carrier the Ferrari of physician’s malpractice insurance. If you are not performing surgeries and have never had a claim you may want to choose a non admitted carrier or RRG that will give you the same quality doctor’s malpractice insurance but the cost is far more competitive than that of any A++ rated corporate malpractice carrier.

▪ Physician’s can save money on malpractice insurance by choosing an RRG

▪ Physicians that are claims free should receive a physician’s malpractice discount

▪ If your current doctor’s malpractice insurance premium has doubled you are paying to much

Physician’s malpractice insurance can be quoted through Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc within 48 hours upon receiving your Medical License, Resume & Current Certificate of Insurance. If you have had a claim in the last 10 years we will also need to see Loss Runs from the carrier that handled the claim along with a narrative explanation of the claim. If you have received board actions during your career we will also need to obtain a copy of the board action(s) and the result of its ruling. Physician’s malpractice insurance cannot be accurately quoted until all of these requirements are met.

When it comes to your physician’s malpractice insurance what is the most important thing to you? As the economy and medical malpractice insurance markets seem to be taking nose dive physicians nationwide are searching for more affordable physician’s malpractice insurance. Doctors needing malpractice insurance want to know that their claims are going to be paid if such an incident arises and they also want to know that they are with a company that is reputable and is going to be around when the times comes.

In the past a physician would not consider taking a policy from a carrier that is non admitted or a risk retention group. In today’s market these non admitted insurance companies and risk retention groups have modified their coverage and are becoming more and more popular in the physician’s malpractice insurance market.

Let Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc show you how you can save on…

▪ Physician’s malpractice insurance

▪ Doctor’s malpractice insurance

▪ D.O. malpractice insurance

▪ Physician’s group malpractice insurance

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